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Filtering by Category: spring/summer 2015

Meet Me At The Disco

Erin Burke

First things first, here's a little Monday tune to get you in the mood.

We saw the disco spirit stirring at the fall/winter shows with the liquid metallic looks that we talked about for NYE 2014.  The David Bowie Exhibit just opened here in Paris with a tribute to his fashion and disco loving days of the 70’s and again we see these looks on the runways for spring at Jason Wu and Isabel Marant, Balmain and Saint Laurent.  We are inspired by the looks from Studio 54’s heyday, Helmut Newton & Guy Bourdin's photography; Cher, Biba, Jerry Hall and Blondie in a metallic onesies; Halston Heritage, head wraps, satin, sequins and glitter; platforms and jumpsuits. Enjoy the glitterfest.


Photo credit: Saint Laurent SS15, lady on diving board-Vogue Italia, 1976, David Bailey, Marie Helvin, glitter face, woman on the telephone Gerhard Vormwald - Oui Magazine, 1975 

Denim Rundown

Erin Burke

Denim, for me, is up there with puppy dogs and champagne.  It’s that rare intersection of feel good fashion and comfort that ages well.  At one point I owned around 100 pairs of jeans while these days, after a shift to a simpler life, I’ve scaled it back to 20ish. As a child I had an obsession with a pair of printed jeans that my mom let me wear until they were three inches above my ankles and she had to sneak them out of my chest of drawers.  And as a trend forecaster for Cotton Incorporated, denim was a constant topic of conversation.  Being in charge of the denim forecast, I met with denim designers and brands all over the world. These days denim has been embraced by all walks of life and never ceases to grace the runways. Spring/Summer 2015 had a plethora of denim looks from bell bottoms to overalls in clean, dark indigos and lighter, summer shades.

A quick history: The word jeans comes from the french word Gênes, the word for Genoa, where Navy sailors first strutted around in denim back in the 1500’s. Though, it wasn’t until the 1870’s, during the gold rush, that denim took off. At this time, Levi Strauss created work wear with rivets that were quickly adopted by California coal miners.  Originally made from uncomfortable hemp, Strauss eventually discovered and started using the twilled cotton cloth that originated from the French town of Nimes. The pronunciation of “de Nimes,” meaning ‘of Nimes,’ is how the term “denim” was born.

The Indigo exhibition happening in Paris gives an in depth explanation of how different regions of artisans used indigo to dye fabrics. Many of these ancient ideas are still being adapted in fashion each season. If you love denim this is a must see!


Photo credit: Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, Katharine Hepburn, Girls on the streets of London, late 1950s, Girls getting off a plane, 1970s, Versace Ad, Alexa Chung, Vintage 70s overall dress


Joelle Renee Benoliel


We’re starting to see inklings of hope here in Paris, but globally this has been a caustic winter. The only foreseeable antidote being to over-indulge on picnics... at the beach, in the mountains, a park or a rooftop-- wherever you are picnics are in order this spring.  Designers decidedly felt this urge and the spring/summer 2015 runways were tousled with gingham, floral, lavender and off the shoulder tops, a.k.a. perfect picnic ensembles.

Throughout the world, nations claim the origins of gingham and all attribute different uses and meanings to the fabric. Though the word is believed to be derived from a Mylasian word, genggang, meaning striped, the Indonesians see gingham as a contrast between good and evil, the colors symbolizing this relationship. Perhaps it can symbolize the contrast between winter and spring and carry us right on through to sunny weather. So raise a glass, throw on some picnic-esque pieces and let’s hear it for the coming of spring.

Photo credit: ginghamTibi SS15Alberta Ferretti SS15Michael Kors SS15

Super Sport

Erin Burke

As spring encroaches we think about ‘sport’ (the French term encompassing all forms of athletic endeavor) and how much of this so called ‘sport’ we will need to get our winter bodies back into bikinis. Then we’ll embrace that wonderful moment when the world wakes up from winter’s hibernation into the burgeoning flowers and long sunsets with rosé en terrasse

Our minds are titillated by sportive fashions of the 70’s and 80’s with their track suits and terry cloth jumpers; headbands and horizontal stripes; sports shoes and slick or colorful trenches, bandeaus and mesh fabrics.  There’s been a steady stream of this flowing down the runways and even more abounding on the streets.  Somehow it seems much more exciting to dress for the occasion of tennis and make a day of it than just throwing on the old sweats… or maybe just dress for the idea and go to brunch.

Step one: look the part. 

Photo credit:Clockwise L-R runwaySS15, ACNE Studios, 3.1 Phillip Lim, DKNY, Lacoste, Alexander Wang, Charlotte Ronson, Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga; Royal Tenanbaums / Lacoste FW 15 showSuper Sport 

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