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White On White


White On White

Erin Burke

"I have overcome the lining of the colored sky. . . .
Swim in the white free abyss, infinity is before you."   
- Kazimir Malevich, Moscow 1919

Crème de la crème: our philosophy in life and, this month, in style. The fall winter shows were teeming with layered cream wools and chunky knits, and the spring runways also caught this drift. In a time when life races on at dizzying speeds, we can’t help but love these calming looks, like the first snow when everything is pure and still.  

When it comes to pulling this off, go big on texture and layers.  Thick wools like at Hermès, billowing layers, ostrich feather jackets, wide leg pants, thick knitted sweaters…and as the weather changes, lighten up your fabrics: sheer cotton voiles with cashmere wraps or layered linen with clean swaths of denim.  The whites don’t necessarily have to match, just play in different forms of white and cream. Accessorize with light gold or copper.

This clean aesthetic has deep roots in art history.  White on White, the famed minimalist painting by Russian artist Kazimir Malevich now hangs in MoMa in New York City. He called his aesthetic theory Suprematism after the “supremacy of pure feeling or perception in the pictoral arts.” We call it artistic genius. 

So chuck the rules and wear white this winter. Overcome the sky, swim in the white free abyss. Infinity is before you.

Photo Credits (left to right): Background image; Hermès via; Esty; Winter White Dressiceskatesfur jacketowlOzlem Suer; mohair coat.

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