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Erin Burke

Kimonos date back to the 5th century and are said to have been influenced heavily by Chinese culture, but they really came into everyday fashion in 8th century Japan.  Over time they evolved in color, form and fabric but generally have a long T shape and wrap in the middle with a sash.  They're worn with split toe socks, wooden sandals and a bump of fabric in the back. They started disappearing from everyday wear between the 1920s - 40’s, replaced by the more convenient ‘western wear’.  You can still catch a glimpse of Japanese women dressed up for a holiday event or an occasional geisha sighting in a high-end Hong Kong hotel.  And today the kimono is worn as a statement piece by all those as inspired as we are. 

To make this look work, throw one over jeans and a tank top, leaving it to hang open.  It’s perfect lounge wear or to use as a swim suit cover-up.  Check out our Pinterest board for more styling ideas.

Photo credit: kimono

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