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White Dresses


White Dresses

Joelle Renee Benoliel

I would be your only dream
Your shining autumn, ocean crashing
Fleetwood Mac “Silver Springs”

The ominous white dress holds a plethora of connotations, mainly of weddings and purity, but even of stains. Many people think the color white was chosen for weddings because it symbolized purity or chastity, but actually the popularity of the white dress came into fashion after Queen Victoria chose one for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. She chose the color because it was her favorite, not for of any other significance. In fact, before that moment, affluent women would often choose dark colors for their wedding dresses, made of heavy brocade fabrics revealing their wealth and symbolizing the appropriate match that was being made. Women without title and rank wore the most beautiful dress they owned and if a dress was purchased for the occasion, it was purchased to be worn again. Symbols can be good things, but it’s important to understand where they came from.  

Weddings are a “Silver Spring” of sorts for some, and for others, a joyous occasion conveying symbols celebrated by love and commitment. Either way, maybe it’s time to cast off these nuances and wear white dresses this summer to channel Stevie, driving past Silver Spring, Maryland with the wind in her hair remembering a dream with fondness, owning the freedom of that loss and looking forward with confidence into her future. Since 1840, there have been many a gorgeous white dress fashioned and we intend to wear them, from lace Edwardian pieces to boho chic styles crafted in the 70’s, each and every one symbolizing a summer of simple elegance.  

Photo Credit: white dress, background

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