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Erin Burke

‘silver springs is a great old song…’

the amount of times I heard her utter that on my live album over the years, her beautiful voice lingering—

Last summer visiting a friend in Montauk, we listened again on a late night road trip complete with fountain sodas and snacks.

“I’ll follow you down til’ the sound of my voice will haunt you… was I such a fool?”

her voice penetrating the darkness of the winding road and hauntingly poetic trees making canopies over us. We thought about just driving…  across the country, leaving it all behind.  It was one of those moments when the world felt too heavy to hold up and it was all coinciding in both of our lives. The path seemed dark and winding, but then the road opened up and there were innumerable stars shining and directing us home.  I made it back to Paris and you went back home too.  This one’s for you, the one person I know that loves Stevie more than me.  To urban camp fires and folk headscarves and silver springs, blue & green, to Stevie and those stars that got us home that late, dark night.  

Folk culture refers to the unifying expressive components of everyday life as enacted by localized, tradition-bound groups. Earlier conceptualizations of folk culture focused primarily on traditions practiced by small, rural groups living in relative isolation from each other.  Historically, handed down through oral tradition it relates to the cultivation of community and group identity. Folk culture is quite often imbued with a sense of place

Having gone to 6 schools, lived in 3 countries across 8 cities (with countless moves and 30 some odd roommates), traveling to hundreds of places spanning 32 countries, a sense of place has been elusive in my life.  And that makes this idea of folk dear to my heart; garnering the people I love and creating unifying, expressive components that penetrate the distance and time and age feels like a supreme accomplishment.    

Folk culture has always informed pop culture and even high culture, and we saw it again on the runways at Chloe, Etro, Valentino and Saint Laurent for Spring Summer 2015 and with the rise of designer Vita Kin.  So keep up your traditions and hold the ones you love close to your heart.  Enjoy our choice of garments that represent and celebrate a sense of belonging, passed down from people like you and me, charmed by the ones they surrounded themselves with and the beauty of belonging.


photo credit: starsdancing girlsStevie Nickscountry road

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