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Blue Green


Blue Green

Erin Burke

You could be my silver springs  
Blue green colors flashing
I would be your only dream
Your shining autumn, ocean crashing
Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks: revolutionary artist, style icon and personal muse. This month we’re looking at you.

Stevie said she wrote “Silver Springs” for Lindsey Buckingham, her longtime creative partner and ex lover. When they were on tour driving through Maryland, they passed a freeway sign that read ‘Silver Spring, Maryland.’ Turning to Buckingham, she said, “Silver Spring sounds like a pretty fabulous place to me, and 'You could be my silver springs…', that's just a whole symbolic thing of what you could have been to me.’  And a little piece of rock history was born.  

We all have the soul wrenching fairy-tale-endings that just didn’t turn out the way they could have. We’ve loved, lost and then kept driving. Keeping the beauty and enchantment of those ‘Silver Spring’ dreams, we take the good onto the next and leave the rest behind. The summer is upon us, Stevie Nicks is still singing in our ears, the breezy, flowy, blues, greens, and silvers of the 70’s are what we are wearing to channel the nostalgic picture of Silver Springs and indulge in all things Stevie Nicks. 


Photo Credit: Tobias Tovera paintingChloe SS15 backstageburned trees

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