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#7: Bring Back Le Boudoir


#7: Bring Back Le Boudoir

Erin Burke

As Valentine’s Day approaches, what better time to take stock of what you’ll wear behind closed doors? From pretty foundations to the main attraction, this year we resolve to bring back the boudoir. 

It seems we have traded our elegance for efficiency and forgotten the importance of physiology (mind and body are connected).  Our rituals determine what we become - and how we feel. It’s easy to posture for the crowd, but it feels better to be elegant, graceful and stylish all the way through, not just in pictures or around certain company. And what better way to make yourself feel good than to look beautiful underneath?  

It’s easy to reach for the sweats, and there is a time and place for that, but with a lifetime of choices to make, why not choose to remember how lovely you are no matter who’s looking?  Lingerie has a long tradition and decades of hand washing has left us with so many wonderful vintage silks and laces to discover. Some tips for picking the right pieces for you are to always take your measurements and compare them to the piece. And look for silk pieces that were made to last.  


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