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#2: Judge Less, Love More


#2: Judge Less, Love More

Erin Burke

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we have another resolution for 2015: judge less, love more.

Choosing peace in the midst of hatred is one of the most admirable and challenging things to do. Thankfully we have role models that have shown us the beauty of living this way, thank you MLK. We saw a beautiful display first hand a week ago in Paris and it was moving, whether it will continue this way or not. The sheer act of millions of people walking in solidarity was a beautiful expression of peace.  

As I boarded the metro on Sunday a man with a guitar and little else starting singing “Imagine” with his hoarse yet intoxicating voice that sent cool shivers down everyone’s spine.  By the time he hit the verse… ‘you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.’ there were tears burgeoning in my eyes and people started joining in the song.  It was a petite moment in the midst of a historic day, but it was a moving one (especially in a city not typically known for its warmth) and a good reminder we can put out the flame of hatred if we are armed with love, forgiveness, kindness, peace.

Strangely, culture has been heading in this direction for a few seasons.  Music festivals have picked up the hippie vibes of the sixties and the runways following suit.  Miniskirts, mod and all things peace and love continued to run through both the fall and spring runways from Louis Vuitton to Gucci and Saint Laurent to Dries Van Noten.  

So we resolve to honor Martin Luther King’s life by replacing judgment with peace.  Wishing you all love and peace for 2015.

Photo Credits: Coretta Scott KingFrancoise HardyGirl with Hatwild flowersblonde in furDonovan posterface postergirl with headband; Dries Van Noten runway.

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