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#6: Have More Dance Parties


#6: Have More Dance Parties

Erin Burke

The stars set my fate early as a dance party enthusiast--even if I wish they would've aligned to make me a doctor, but we don't control these things. As a child dancer and gymnast, I danced wherever I happened to be: around my house, in the back yard, down grocery store aisles, etc. As a teen when all my friends seemed to be in bands, I'd follow them to any venue we could get into and get lost in the music. My college years were the late nineties / early aught's club era that allowed me to combine my love of 70's fringe with body glitter and the pre narcissistic equivalent of the selfie that was 'dancing on the blocks.'

After moving to New York and landing my dream job as a trend forecaster, I was sent to music festivals to scout trends and it was only fitting to dance the nights away. On solo research trips, a good dance party was a universal language that got me through many nights alone in very foreign countries. But the older we get the less time there is for dancing, and the demands of adulthood can drain away that carefree spirit.

So this year I resolve to bring back the dance party. Maybe it's not at le Baron or in a field at sxsw, but even a solo dance party on a Monday night after finishing a deadline can keep your spirits high.

What to wear? That's easy. The 70's have been a lifelong obsession - I wore a pair of tan corduroy bell bottoms all through college with button ups tied at the waist and my grandma's beige hip length jacket with front tie and fur collar, updating the lining with a seventies floral print. I think I was born cosmically too late. That 70's trend that seems to never go away… that's due to me pushing it though every other season as a forecaster. And like the best clockwork ever, again we see it on the runways for Spring/Summer 2015.

Nothing says free spirited dance party like seventies flare with a side of fringe. And like my grandma's coat, something tells me this is a resolution absolutely worth keeping.

Get moving with our favorite dance playlist!

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