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Joelle Renee Benoliel

Faithful Lover


The moon came to me last night

With a sweet question.

She said,

"The sun has been my faithful lover

For millions of years.

Whenever I offer my body to him

Brilliant light pours from his heart.

Thousands then notice my happiness

And delight in pointing

Toward my beauty.


Is it true that our destiny

Is to turn into Light


And I replied,

Dear moon,

Now that your love is maturing,

We need to sit together

Close like this more often

So I might instruct you

How to become

Who you





Delight is becoming who you are. Following the insignificant, yet powerful details of life that bring you joy, happiness, the things that delight your very spirit. Follow them and let them expose you, mature you, make you. When you release yourself to delight, there you will find the desires of your heart and the truth of you who you are. Delight and enjoy the light that you shine. 

Yellow and orange are the colors of delight: ripe lemons stirred into tea, rubber ducky hiding in bubbles, oranges ready to be picked from the tree, ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ on warm summer days, sun rays setting over the ocean, blood orange juice stirred into cocktails. Rothko used these colors to evoke the emotions of delight and now we urge you to wear the clothes that will stir these emotions in you and those around you. Let your light shine, become light itself.  



Photo credit: Mark Rothko, 1968; Michael Kors from Harper's Bazaar UK May 2015 

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