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Erin Burke

Ode to the summer sky, with long days full of light, fluffy clouds and sudden rain storms with electric energy moving through the air. The glory that is flowers in the garden and bare feet, the spray of sprinklers, happiness laying under the sun and taking in it’s energy. Sometimes feeling over exposed and laid bare by the brightness of the sun, we need to slow our pace to adjust to the bright intrusion. Summer is a good season to take time to look at one's life and adjust. With holidays spent in new places, time to look at the sky and contemplate, the extended daylight gives way to seeing things with a fresh perspective.


Summertime and daytime skies feel happy like the soft greens and ginghams in the Spring/Summer 2015 collections.  Loads of floral prints and appliques took literal inspiration from this season. Whether you’re slowing down and contemplating or taking in the wild energy of the sun, enjoy the light that the summer daytime brings and let the sun wash over you anew, empowering and exposing you for the true beauty that you are. 


Photo credit: clouds, Cacharel SS15

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