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An Audible Feast

Erin Burke

Music -- a powerful muse. I’m so thankful for all those who are musically gifted that have shaped my life with songs, that when heard, bring me so poignantly back to that place, that era, that moment so long forgotten.  Christmas music brings an annual joy, which I start, when I feel the first chill in the air. Candles burning with Santa Baby in the background on repeat until the beginning of January when, reluctantly I put away the lights and resume my prior musical preoccupations.

Looking closely at some of these old holiday classics, it is interesting to discover their origins. ‘O Tannenbaum’, one of my mother’s favorites, has a rich history of evolution throughout the  ages. Ernst Anschutz, the Leipzig organist, based his modern lyrics in 1824 on a 16th century Silesian folk song “Ach Tannenbaum”, contrasting the faithful fir tree with a faithless lover.  Eventually, the fir tree became associated with Christmas and over the course of the 19th century lines of the song were changed adapting the song into a Christmas carol.

From a loose lover to a faithful tree...  Enjoy the holiday playlist:

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